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Next Season shaping up

Our next season, for 2019 - 2020, is beginning to shape up, and details will be added to the website as they develop. Probable events include;…

Published Wed 19th Sep, 2018
Grant Award from PF Charitable Trust

We're delighted to report that Music Nairn has been given a significant award from the PF Charitable Trust to support our ongoing concert series.  This is extremely welcome news as members are aware that the Highland Council, after many years of support, has had to discontinue its promoters…

Published Sun 9th Sep, 2018
Jazz Nairn Festival

Jazz Nairn committee members have announced that they have been successful in securing funding which enables them to proceed with plans to present a 3 day Festival of Jazz  from 2nd - 4th November.

An announcement will shortly be made with full details of the programme - see…

Published Wed 18th Apr, 2018
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Members Survey

Many thanks to those members who completed their questionnaire and returned it on time. We sent out 228 questionnaires and received 53 replies – a…

Published Tue 3rd Nov, 2009