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Sat 13th Nov, 2021
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Daniel Ciobanu
Ciobanu's Roller-coaster Recital
Sat 16th Oct, 2021
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Consone Quartet
Young and HIP in Nairn
Fri 24th Sep, 2021
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Maximiliano Martin Clarinet Trio
Maxi Magic at Music Nairn
Sat 15th Feb, 2020
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Engegård Quartet
A right old Nordic Frenzy!
Fri 1st Nov, 2019
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Emma Johnson and John Lenehan
Living every single Note
Fri 6th Sep, 2019
Fitzwilliam Quartet
And now for something completely different…

One glance at the programme for The Fitzwilliam Quartet's concert for Music Nairn revealed that this was not going to be your standard string quartet performance.  Yes, the evening would feature a major Beethoven quartet, the towering opus 95…

Thu 18th Jul, 2019
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Mac McClure and Juan Carlos Higuita
Music Nairn's outreach opener
Sat 1st Jun, 2019
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Kosmos Ensemble
A Kosmos Cocktail
Sat 16th Mar, 2019
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Kammer Philharmonia
Not quite what it seems…