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Successful Recital and Masterclasses for Elgin Senior Pupils

Helen Ross, Principal Music Teacher at Elgin Academy  has contacted us  'to thank Music Nairn for the fantastic opportunity it provided the pupils of Elgin Academy and Elgin High School. 
Both Shelley and I were we excited to have been contacted by Bernado offering our schools the performance and masterclass, sadly opportunities for our pupils to experience live performances is very limited. The musicians Music Nairn organised for us' (
Zoe Hodi and Anna Geddes) 'were exceptional performers and an inspiration to our pupils, all of whom have commented upon how much they enjoyed the performance and how useful they found the subsequent masterclasses, both on Violin and Piano. The informative way in which both Anna and Zoe spoke to the pupils about their own experiences enhanced the session greatly and made the overall experience pertinent and appropriate to our secondary pupils’ levels.
I would very much like to invite Bernado and Music Nairn back for further performances and masterclasses.'

Published on Wednesday 11th December, 2019

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